Our Services

DzyneLoft Provides Information Technology support services in a variety of mediums that includes onsite and offsite helpdesk solutions, hardware and software fulfillment, and emergency break/fix solutions to help get your business back up and running quickly.

DzyneLoft takes care of your Organization

With rising costs, it’s becoming more difficult for many companies to maintain a healthy organization without breaking the bank. Many companies are looking at outsourcing solutions to service their Information Technology needs. We offer a comprehensive array of services to help small and medium sized business feel like they have big time Information Technology departments and helpdesk solutions.

Rising Costs For Help Desks

The median cost per first-call incident averages $25.00 and rapidly increases with call complexity and escalation. When multiplied by the number of incidents your Help Desk receives in a day

Are your costs out of control?

Services Include:

  • Virtual IT Management
  • Onsite and Offsite Support Solutions
  • Helpdesk Solutions
  • Network Design and Assessment
  • Network Administration
  • Network and Security Optimization
  • Wireless Networking
  • VOIP Solutions
  • Business Analysis
  • VPN and Firewall Solutions
  • Organizational Buildouts and Infrastructure Moves
  • Hardware and Software Fulfillment
  • Start-up Business Technology Planning
  • Web Development/Maintenance
  • Web and Email Hosting Services

We provide the resources to help improve customer support while still maintaining control over costs. DzyneLoft can limit a resolution for a helpdesk ticket from start to finish without stair-stepping through multiple channels.

Top IT Concerns For Small Business

The top concern among small businesses today is how to use technology to effectively work smarter and maintain a competitive edge. DzyneLoft goes beyond just implementation of secure systems and break/fix scenarios, We offer value added consulting to help your small business maximize productivity gains achieved with the right combination of Information Technology resources and tools.

Either individually, or through a blended solution of tools and resources DzyneLoft will help your organization:

  • Reduce costs: minimize user down time and maximize server up time
  • Provide instant support 24×7 to address technology needs and services
  • Dramatically improve the time it takes to resolve issues
  • Prevent problems from occurring in the first place
  • Increase customer acquisition: as your technology grows, so will your business and will offer repeat business that drives growth
  • Improve profits: do more with less resources, allowing you to take on more customers with the same (or less) staff
  • Deliver incremental services: training, remote access services, data backup, and collaboration tools to keep your business operating like a well oiled machine

We believe that customer satisfaction is the single most important factor for growing the business, and rely on referrals to gain new customers.

DzyneLoft utilizes branded hardware solutions such as Dell, HP, WatchGuard, and Cisco (Linksys) to make sure your infrastructure has strong and reputable ties to product support and upgrades. We stand behind these products 100% because we are confident we are providing your organization with the best there is.